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  • icosahedron slicer
    calculation of slices of a 3D volumes based on planes defined by a point and a normal ( the grey/green/red axis )
    UV coordinates of each slice are rendered dynamically
    based on[tt_news]=534

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    processing geometry 3d

  • Yuriy Mazurkin, another voyage of sindbad

    Yuriy Mazurkin, another voyage of sindbad

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  • Rafael Grassetti, abe sapiens

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  • Rafael Grassetti, echorche statue

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  • Jakub Rebelka, illustrations

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  • Pixel & Dots from Laurin Döpfner on Vimeo.

    Animation, Schnitt und Sounddesign: Laurin Döpfner
    Musik: Kensee

    Pixel & Dots visualisiert mit einer organischen Wellenform die Flüchtigkeit des Bildpunktes. Unterstützt durch knackige Beats rauschen flotte- und langsame Wellen von rauchartigen schwarzen Pixelschwärmen über den weisen Hintergrund

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  • projection on plane from frankie zafe on Vimeo.

    study of 3D geometry
    100 points are projected on a plane defined by a normal and one point
    the result points are sorted and “meshed”
    better explanation here:[tt_news]=534

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  • LOOP from Quadrature on Vimeo.

    Two identically constructed robotic arms stand next to a fish bowl containing a robotic fish. One arm catches the swimming fish and puts it on the ground. The other arm collects the fish and throws it back into the water.

    This alleged conflict between two robots over a third machine will not develop or change in any way. All participants will continue to play their part according to their code - the fish remains at the complete mercy of both arms while they continue their tasks relentless and unimpressed. Only the observer stands aside waiting for the punch line of this absurd game. Yet the two unemotional, prosaic players and their toy will stick to their routine – over and over again.

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  • Lonely Sculpture (2014) from Tully Arnot on Vimeo.

    Servo motor, microcontroller, programming, cast silicone, perspex, cable ties, glue, electronics, iPhone 4, Tinder app.

    (Please note, non-professional studio documentation of unfinished and unexhibited artwork)

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  • likeafieldmouse:

Leon Ferrari - Untitled (1979)


    Leon Ferrari - Untitled (1979)

    (via weissesrauschen)

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  • neuromaencer

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  • enjoui:

by Komkrit Thusanapanont 

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  • neuromaencer:

original ‘ruataniwha dam 1’ by jake


    original ‘ruataniwha dam 1’ by jake

    (via punirs)

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